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The Cabaret Theatre

The Neighborhood Arts Troupe
is a group of 18 homeschooled young people who meet once a week for an entire semester and learn
the basics of voice, choreography, and acting.  The instruction culminates in a full performance at the end of the term.

This year's troupe ranges in age from 7 years old to 18 yers old.

The objective of the course is to encourage young people to grow in self-confidence and poise while implementing the basics of Arts Education.

NAT produced a Christmas Show, The Stranger, in December and now will present Alice in Wonderland Junior on May 18 & 19 at the Latrobe United Methodist Church. Curtain Time is 7:00 PM. 

Neighborhood Arts Troupe
proudly presents

Trying to march in step at rehearsal are (from left to right)
Clara Panichelle
Christina Bistline
Lindsey Kenyon
Julia Panichelle
Lilly Kenyon
Hayden Telford

Not Broadway Bound

A Review of N.A.T.’s Alice in Wonderland, Jr. 

It’s unfortunate that this production of Alice only ran for two performances (May 18 & 19 at Latrobe United Methodist Church).  I regret that the run was not longer, not so much because more people would have seen the show, but rather because the short run deprived the cast of the opportunity to grow in their respective roles.  It is essential for young people to come to understand that a stage production is not at all like a movie.  When a movie is “in the can,” it is finished; it can never grow any more.  A play, however, is in a constant state of flux. It is never finished growing until the curtain falls on the last performance.

This is not to say that this production was not ready to open.  It was.  And those who came to see the show saw a disciplined, and an enthusiastic presentation. The fact that this was a production whose cast ranged in age from 7 to 18 makes its readiness all the more remarkable.  And it underscores the reasons that programs like this are valuable.

Some theatre programs for young people pride themselves on being preparatory to a career in acting.  The Cabaret Theatre Neighborhood Arts Troupe is not at all geared to “professional development.”  Rather, N.A.T. uses the tools of theatre to encourage personal development, self-confidence, poise, mutual respect, and grace under pressure.  These are the qualities that we believe will be helpful to young people in any career they eventually choose.  Of course, if the stage or screen ends up being the career for one or two of them, they will be well-served by these qualities as well.

Alice in Wonderland, Jr. was delightful.  The entire play was set inside a frame that used the song “Very Good Advice” to very good effect.  In the beginning of the show, the very good advice was this:  if you are “suffering” through difficult times, creating something, whether it’s a play or a painting, is a sure cure.  In the end, the reprise of the song suggests that “Wonderland is a place where children all must go if you want them to grow properly.”  That is to say if you want them to  have a good grasp on who they are and where they fit in. 

Sandwiched inside the frame were a host of wacky characters who all attempt to influence Alice in one way or the other.  The White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, Tweedle-dee & Tweedle dum, DoDo Bird, the Queen (and King) of Hearts, the Caterpillar and of course the Cheshire Cats (yes, there were three of them and each more mischievous than the other) all were colorfully costumed and delivered equally colorful and energetic performances as did all of the various and sundry “critters” found in Wonderland. The choreography was imaginative and, I must say, all-inclusive.  Kudos to the choreographer who managed not to exclude even the youngest of the actors from the big numbers.  The music as a whole was a wonderful blend of full-orchestra sound track and keyboard masterfully handled by Music Director Cindy Baltzer.  It’s rare to see two different styles blended so well.  I must say, however, that the Busby Berkeley effect conceived by choreographer Nicole Paluzzi and executed by the flowers of the “Golden Afternoon” was a high point of the show, for me—even though the choreography was not nearly so exhausting as the frenetic fun the cast had in “The Caucus Race.”  It’s not often that one can see such grandiose choreography on such a small stage.

All in all, N.A.T.’s production of Alice in Wonderland, Jr. was well worth the price of admission.  A great big thank you to all who came to see the show and a sincere invitation to everyone to come see what we will prepare for you in the Fall. 
When it comes time for our Fall production, we hope to double our run to at least four performances.  This will allow for some growth and for a lot more people to see the disciplined work of these young people.

Yes, it’s true that this production is not bound FOR Broadway, but in all fairness, our production was “bound TO Broadway” in the professional way that everyone involved approached the work. The Cabaret Theatre N.A.T. did it the right way!
Grace Bistline as the Mad Hatter tries on her "mad hat."
Kirsten Essig as the Queen of Hearts and Gracie Wolf as "Violet" are in rehearsal.



  theARTre  Classes



Once a month, this three-session theater/art workshop will be offered for the individual who loves to be creative in both art AND theater.  In a group setting, students will create their own play based on a theme.  Interacting with each other, they will design and create their own set and 3D mask.  This is an excellent opportunity for the  to become whoever they want to be!! 

Creative and fun environment, this workshop is geared toward children from 7 to 13.  A three week class on a Saturday afternoon that ends with a Thursday night performance of the play.

Week One: Creating the Play - September 22

Theater Part 1 – The students will break up into groups and packets will be distributed.  Instructions will be reviewed and the writing process will begin.
 Art Part 2 – The students will brainstorm, design and create 3D masks with paper mache
Week Two:  Creating the Set and Props - September 29

Theater Part 1 – The students will discuss the design and then create the set.
Art Part 2 – The students will paint and add embellishments to their masks
Week Three:  Creating the Performance - October 6

Putting it All Together Part 1 – The students will rehearse the play using the set and props
Thursday Night Performance for Public - 7pm (kids report at 6) - October 11
Putting it All Together Part 2 – The students will perform the play for their parents and friends

Celebrate Your Success Part 3 – Pizza and drink Celebration afterwards

The Art Is Good Studio and The Cabaret Theatre have a mission.  We are introducing IMAGINARIUM, a totally unique and all-inclusive Fine Arts Program in order to facilitate personal and community growth for young people throught he Arts.

The program focuses on the transformatve power of the Arts. While all other disciplines RESTRICT in order to achieve mastery, the Arts ALLOW both a limitless exploration of the imagination and an infinite number of ways to express the results. This exploration and expression reveals both the uniqueness of each individual as well as the similarities that exist among all human beings.​

What will YOU become?

Beginning September 22... THE SUPERHERO




  WARNING:    This website  expresses an unapolagetic    love for  theatre...and in particular for The Cabaret Theatre.  Because we are determined to provide our company with a permanent home, we  will make every attempt to  get you to make a donation--large or small is irrelevant.  You have been fairly warned, so either click away or scroll on.  In either case, we wish you well.

Let's open  a theatre TOGETHER!
Is that insane, or what?  Are we mad to want to do this? Way, way out our minds?  And crazier yet, we want YOU to jump onto the band wagon with us?  What kind of crazy dream is that? Well...

"If you ain't got a dream, you ain't got nothing."  --MILL CREEK

​​Well...We've Got Something...

Yes...We've Got a Dream!

Is it Madness?
to start a theatre?
Are we mad to do this?
What about YOU?
Are you mad, too?

John Michael

Is it madness to want to make the world a better place?  Or is it 
madness to accept the world  as it is and not strive to make it what it should be?  When Cervantes created  the character "Don Quixote", he knew the answer.  Watch Peter O'toole deliver it in  MGM's 1972 movie, Man of La Mancha.

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We believe in the power of theatre to change individuals, communities, and the world!  We believe that THE CABARET THEATRE can make that kind of powerful theatre in Latrobe, Westmoreland County, and the entire region.
​Be a part of it!

But why?  Why should you want to join us in this mad adventure to start a theatre?  Because good Theatre can make a difference. If it's very good theatre, it can make a very big difference.  Don't you want your life to have made a difference?  Good theatre reminds us of our tremendous potential as human beings.  "Oh, the things you can do that are good for you."  (Thank you, Dr. Seuss.)  We human beings have done some pretty amazing things...and some pretty shameful ones, too.  Theatre exists to remind us of that...to remind us of our mistakes and to inspire us to accomplish even more good.   Isn't that how we make the world a better place? That's the kind of difference the CABARET THEATRE wants to make.   We are going to produce VERY GOOD THEATRE.  And we're willing to bet we'll make a very big difference.  Let's adventure together!
                                                                                                                                                                        --John Carosella, Artistic Director 

OK...Exactly who is the WE we're talking about?

WE ARE...a group of theatre practitioners who are passionate about becoming better and better at our craft.  We are writers, directors, actors, designers, builders, electricians, decorators, singers, dancers, composers, choreographers, and technicians of every sort.  We are proud of our love for theatre and even prouder of the fact that we are able to produce professional-quality productions while making our living in other areas.​​

WHERE WE ARE...Currently we are nowhere and anywhere that we can mount a show.  For over a year we produced at The Latrobe Art Center in Latrobe, PA and before the end of this year, with your support, we hope to be producing in our own venue located at 227 Main Street In Latrobe PA.  Having a home...a place to be...allows us to concentrate more on making better theatre than on how we are going to fit a stage into an unsuitable room.  

WHY WE ARE...We exist because we believe in the transformative power of theatre.  We believe that for those who produce it and for those who experience it, theatre affects change.  Because of this, we believe it is our responsibility to produce the kind of plays that comment on what it means to be a human being.  We produce comedies, dramas, and musicals--contemporary and classic. We exist to hold a mirror up to ourselves and our audiences, so that we can make the world a better place...leave it somehow different because we lived.

If you think that's just too, too...pie in the sky, you're not alone.    Nobody really wrote the letter below, but we know that a lot of people would if they had a chance...and we would answer it if it ever came.  Check it out.​​

Dear Cabaret Theatre:  

      OK.  So I'm guessing all of this "be a part of it" stuff means that you want me to donate somehow.  You don't have to club me over the head with it.  I get it. But what I don't get is what's so special about this thing called "theatre" anyway?  Can't I just stay home and watch T.V.?  Doesn't that make a difference, too?

​                                                                                             -- Charlie Couch-Potato    


Dear Charlie Stay-at-Home: 

          Yes and No.  Yes, there's some really good stuff on T.V. these days, but you have to surf through nine  hundred forty two channels to find it.               (OK, I admit that's an exaggeration.)  But even the few very good programs can never   duplicate what happens inside a theater.   Theatre isn't "canned."          I mean you don't get the same show every time.               Every performance is different and the audience is a big part of making it different.  When YOU in the audience get involved in the story and laugh                      or cry              or get really quiet so you don't miss a word, the actors         FEEL that, and they get better and better. That can never happen with T.V.   And there's the suspense of being in an audience.   Will the tenor hit the high note?           Will the set fall down?  Will the  gun go off or the telephone ring          when  they're supposed to?   With theatre, there's a constant tension and it's exciting.    Theatre is...well, it's....    Look.  We found a video that says it pretty well.  But this time next   year  we'll have our own video on this site, but this one on YouTube is pretty good.  It's by a Canadian Theatre Company and yes, we got their permission to use it.  Click on it and see what you think. 
 --John Carosella, Artistic Director


Charlie, the Stay-at-Home Potato

  Hello John
Thank you so much for writing and seeking permission to incorporate our YouTube video for your presentation. Of course you can use it, I would only ask that you attribute the video to Alberta Theatre Projects in Calgary, Canada, as you suggested.
The more people we can convey the power of theatre to, the better we will ALL be….

Dianne Goodman, Producer
Alberta Theatre Projects


Nice, huh?  And what's really nice is how most theatre companies go out of their way to help each other, as this one did to permit us to use the video.    They want to see us succeed, because they believe (as a very wise theatre man once told us when we began way back in 1979, "Good Theatre is good for theatre."   We intend to make very good theatre.  

 Proceed to "About" and click around to discover a little more about us and our project.