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  WARNING:    This website  expresses an unapolagetic    love for  theatre...and in particular for The Cabaret Theatre.  Because we are determined to provide our company with a permanent home, we  will make every attempt to  get you to make a donation--large or small is irrelevant.  You have been fairly warned, so either click away or scroll on.  In either case, we wish you well.

Let's open  a theatre TOGETHER!
Is that insane, or what?  Are we mad to want to do this? Way, way out our minds?  And crazier yet, we want YOU to jump onto the band wagon with us?  What kind of crazy dream is that? Well...

"If you ain't got a dream, you ain't got nothing."  --MILL CREEK

​​Well...We've Got Something...

Yes...We've Got a Dream!

Is it Madness?
to start a theatre?
Are we mad to do this?
What about YOU?
Are you mad, too?

John Michael

Is it madness to want to make the world a better place?  Or is it 
madness to accept the world  as it is and not strive to make it what it should be?  When Cervantes created  the character "Don Quixote", he knew the answer.  Watch Peter O'toole deliver it in  MGM's 1972 movie, Man of La Mancha.

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We believe in the power of theatre to change individuals, communities, and the world!  We believe that THE CABARET THEATRE can make that kind of powerful theatre in Latrobe, Westmoreland County, and the entire region.
​Be a part of it!

But why?  Why should you want to join us in this mad adventure to start a theatre?  Because good Theatre can make a difference. If it's very good theatre, it can make a very big difference.  Don't you want your life to have made a difference?  Good theatre reminds us of our tremendous potential as human beings.  "Oh, the things you can do that are good for you."  (Thank you, Dr. Seuss.)  We human beings have done some pretty amazing things...and some pretty shameful ones, too.  Theatre exists to remind us of that...to remind us of our mistakes and to inspire us to accomplish even more good.   Isn't that how we make the world a better place? That's the kind of difference the CABARET THEATRE wants to make.   We are going to produce VERY GOOD THEATRE.  And we're willing to bet we'll make a very big difference.  Let's adventure together!
                                                                                                                                                                        --John Carosella, Artistic Director 

OK...Exactly who is the WE we're talking about?

WE ARE...a group of theatre practitioners who are passionate about becoming better and better at our craft.  We are writers, directors, actors, designers, builders, electricians, decorators, singers, dancers, composers, choreographers, and technicians of every sort.  We are proud of our love for theatre and even prouder of the fact that we are able to produce professional-quality productions while making our living in other areas.​​

WHERE WE ARE...Currently we are nowhere and anywhere that we can mount a show.  For over a year we produced at The Latrobe Art Center in Latrobe, PA and before the end of this year, with your support, we hope to be producing in our own venue located at 227 Main Street In Latrobe PA.  Having a home...a place to be...allows us to concentrate more on making better theatre than on how we are going to fit a stage into an unsuitable room.  

WHY WE ARE...We exist because we believe in the transformative power of theatre.  We believe that for those who produce it and for those who experience it, theatre affects change.  Because of this, we believe it is our responsibility to produce the kind of plays that comment on what it means to be a human being.  We produce comedies, dramas, and musicals--contemporary and classic. We exist to hold a mirror up to ourselves and our audiences, so that we can make the world a better place...leave it somehow different because we lived.

If you think that's just too, too...pie in the sky, you're not alone.    Nobody really wrote the letter below, but we know that a lot of people would if they had a chance...and we would answer it if it ever came.  Check it out.​​

Dear Cabaret Theatre:  

      OK.  So I'm guessing all of this "be a part of it" stuff means that you want me to donate somehow.  You don't have to club me over the head with it.  I get it. But what I don't get is what's so special about this thing called "theatre" anyway?  Can't I just stay home and watch T.V.?  Doesn't that make a difference, too?

​                                                                                             -- Charlie Couch-Potato    


Dear Charlie Stay-at-Home: 

          Yes and No.  Yes, there's some really good stuff on T.V. these days, but you have to surf through nine  hundred forty two channels to find it.               (OK, I admit that's an exaggeration.)  But even the few very good programs can never   duplicate what happens inside a theater.   Theatre isn't "canned."          I mean you don't get the same show every time.               Every performance is different and the audience is a big part of making it different.  When YOU in the audience get involved in the story and laugh                      or cry              or get really quiet so you don't miss a word, the actors         FEEL that, and they get better and better. That can never happen with T.V.   And there's the suspense of being in an audience.   Will the tenor hit the high note?           Will the set fall down?  Will the  gun go off or the telephone ring          when  they're supposed to?   With theatre, there's a constant tension and it's exciting.    Theatre is...well, it's....    Look.  We found a video that says it pretty well.  But this time next   year  we'll have our own video on this site, but this one on YouTube is pretty good.  It's by a Canadian Theatre Company and yes, we got their permission to use it.  Click on it and see what you think. 
 --John Carosella, Artistic Director


Charlie, the Stay-at-Home Potato

  Hello John
Thank you so much for writing and seeking permission to incorporate our YouTube video for your presentation. Of course you can use it, I would only ask that you attribute the video to Alberta Theatre Projects in Calgary, Canada, as you suggested.
The more people we can convey the power of theatre to, the better we will ALL be….

Dianne Goodman, Producer
Alberta Theatre Projects


Nice, huh?  And what's really nice is how most theatre companies go out of their way to help each other, as this one did to permit us to use the video.    They want to see us succeed, because they believe (as a very wise theatre man once told us when we began way back in 1979, "Good Theatre is good for theatre."   We intend to make very good theatre.  

 Proceed to "About" and click around to discover a little more about us and our project.